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Process Audit Vs Product Audit 

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In the previous concept, we understood what is Audit and Types of System Audit. Now we will discuss on product audit and process audit. Before that it is also necessary to be familiar with the audit once again, then we will revise the definition of the audit again in this concept. 
Process audit vs Product audit.


it is a systematic approach in which independent auditor examine the documented process to evaluate and determine the audit evidence that the process is fulfilled their audit criteria.

Managing the process and product is very important in the manufacturing sector. We need to see that our process is running correctly, and check the product to see if it is making right. This is why we audit both process and product. Now we will understand about product audit and process audit.

Process Audit: 

In process audit, we verify whether our process is meeting the given working standard, and all parameters. In this, we verify that our process or the work that we had decided, we would do our work with work instruction or criteria.
If the process parameter is not correct then output will not correct. So basically, we check those parameters in the process audit. Like work instruction, control plan. These are the reference documents which is shows that process parameter is in control or not.


Process audit is an 'examination' to determine the process effectiveness and efficiency using control plan, work instructions, procedures and customer specific required approaches and is aimed at ensuring output is being achieved. 

Process audit
In IATF 16949:2016 of Quality management system, according to its clause manufacturing process audit, 
  • Audit should be made in all manufacturing process over each three years calendar periods. 
  • Using customer specific approaches else determine the approach to be used.
  • Audit shall be complete with covering all shifts. 
  • Audit of effective implementation of the process, risk analysis (such as PFMEA), control plan, and associated documents. 

Product Audit: 

In product audit, we examine parts. When examining parts, keep in mind the parameters of our control plan and work instructions. In addition, parts are also tested. 


Action to verify or validate an output of product characteristics "each stage of manufacturing processes" in relation to actual design requirements. 

 In IATF 16949:2016 of Quality management system, according to its clause product audit, 
The organization will audit products using specific approaches required by customers at appropriate stages of production and delivery to verify conformity to the requirement set by the customers, where not defined by the customer.

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