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Quality control 

Quality means fit for use, it means -
  • Degree to which the product satisfy the customer 
  • Totality of functions and features that fulfill the customer's requirements as per specifications
  • Virtue - degree of goodness or value - Excellence
Now, we are talk about Quality control,
What is Quality control? How it is done in an organization?

Definition : The activities focus on identifying defect in the actual products produced. Quality control is a set of activities for ensuring quality in products.
It is the process of inspecting products to ensure that they meet the required quality standard.                                             

According to ISO 9000 -
ISO 9000 defines the quality control as a part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirement.

Companies that engage in quality control typically have a team of workers who focus on testing a certain number of products or observing services being done. The products that are examined usually are choosen at randomly. The goal of the team is to identify products that do not meet a company's specified standards of quality.

If a problem is caught or identified, the job of a quality control team and professional might involve stopping production untill the problem has been solved.
After that other individuals are discover the causes of problem and fixing them.
After the problem solving and the problems are overcome and the target of problem solving has been achieved, the products continues under production or implementation as usual.
Many types of companies perform these type of quality checks.

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