Thursday, May 21, 2020

How to Manage your Manufacturing Operations Post Lockdown

How to Manage your Manufacturing Operations Post Lockdown

Manage your manufacturing operations.

It seems that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the restart button of all the Entrepreneurs of the world has been pressed. This disease has brought one country, not two countries, almost all countries, or shall I say the whole world is lined up in one place. Economic crisis has come in all over the world. Now the economy has no idea when it will exit the effect of COVID-19. Now it is time to least expect from your own company or employees and from the customers. It is time that the organization has got the opportunity to recognize its capabilities and discover a workable scope.
Here are some possible ways that you can read explain, what your opinion is?


Each company is dependent on its own different production processes. Quality is of particular importance in these production processes. If the quality of the processes are not right, then issues from internal and customer start coming up. There are some root causes of these issues that effect the company internally and the company's customer. Every quality problem has some root cause. But delivery is given more priority that quality after production processes. Now after long time of lockdown, stocked goods will get dusty or dirty.
This is to say that it is now mandatory to concentrate quality with delivery. The customer will also have the expectation of having good quality goods with less inventory. There will be no scope for taking goods of poor quality.
You should understand the complexity and importance of SPC data collection monitoring in real time.
Preventive action is better than corrective action. 

Reduce wastage:

It is well known that the cost of materials cannot be reduced, nor it can be advised to buy inexpensive materials. Before consuming stationary, raw materials, electricity, or any other materials, it would be corrected to take the suggestions from top management to shop floor associates. To save these materials,  reduce purchases and improve cash flow, it is important that we look for opportunities. Do we have the ability to set a target of 2% to 5% or more for our organization in material wastage.

Low cost automation:

You know that different types of issues are generated in manual operation, so we should form a task force team for low automation. So that manual operation can find issues. Tackle the team with one challenger at a time. We can also pre planning challenges in advance.

Innovation in organization: 

Now the time has come to bring innovation. Every company dreams of using their energy, time and efforts to innovate. But due to lack of time, it is not complete. But now the time has come that we can improve our efficiency, productivity, better way of production, improvement in yield, etc.


It is necessary to plan for improvement. If we do something and don't plan for it, there is very little chance of success in it. Planning is the process of thinking about the necessary activities in which we plan step by step an achieve their intended goal. For example: when we do APQP, planning is a very important role in this.

Awareness Training on COVID-19 and Social distancing: 

We will introduce our employees very well to social distancing & COVID-19 and tell them how to survive this disease while working. We have to make proper rules for a long time due to this disease. For this, we have to make a schedule of daily training.
So that, the company's employees and manufacturing processes are not affected.

We have to tell our employees about its symptoms and pay attention to their social distances.

You will understand this hopefully.

Thank you.

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