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TPM (Total Productive Maintenance | Why TPM is required? Give it's history, benefits, principles | QSQTECH.COM

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

It is a concept for maintaining equipments & plant as well as improve the quality of products. 
It helps to machine not to go in breakdown, continue in working. 

(इसकी मदद से plant और equipment को mentain करते है और TPM product की Quality improve करने मे भी मदद करता है।
इसकी मदद से हम machines की breakdown को कम कर सकते हैं।) 

TPM means -  
Total (T)  = It means all employees from associates to top management have to take part in & all department, equipment & machines to be covered in it. 

Productivity (P) = To increase the production by reducing the losses,  wastage,  cost through improvement. 

Maintenance (M)  = Maintaining the equipment so that efficiency can be high to whole of its life cycle. 

Why TPM is required ? 

It is required to produce the product in less time, less cost,  without any loss & without effecting the quality of products. 

History of TPM :

TPM was developed in Japan in 1951.
But then it was not established in organizations. 
Nipondenso was the first company to implement it as preventive maintenance in 1960.
Before this, it was the working method in organization that - 
Operators only used the machine & maintenance person was responsible for maintaining it. Due to that,  maintenance person can't do the work of preventive maintenance. 

Concept before - 
I use & you fix

Concept now - 
I use,  I mentain & I fix

Due to this new concept, operator who use the machine/equipment  is responsible for maintaining it. 
& maintenance person is free to do the improvement work & which are more critical. 

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